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The Road to South Africa

What a difference a few months makes! In May of 2016 we had the privilege of leading mission teams to South Africa. The teams saw many people saved, healed and delivered. People received healing in their knees, freedom from cancer, freedom from HIV, and more! The receptivity of the South African people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ was absolutely amazing!

When we returned to the United States the excitement that we experienced in South Africa did not wane. As a matter of fact our love and vision for South Africa expanded to all of Africa. We wanted to be sure this wasn't just the emotions of having been on an awesome mission trip. People were asked to pray and share with us what God was saying. We did not share with them what we were seeking direction for, as we did not want to lead them in any particular direction. God told people to tell us things like, "Take a leap of faith." "I see you driving a yellow big-rig with the name of Jesus written in large letters on the side (like what Angus Buchan in South Africa does)." Everything pointed to the fact that what we were experiencing was more than just the excitement of a mission trip.

We started taking steps in the direction of moving to South Africa. In October we both submitted resignation letters to our employer. At the beginning of December we found ourselves in California spending time with our families prior to our departure. Our time in California is also being used to research the best banks for overseas travel, the best way to keep people informed of what God was doing in South Africa, writing Bible study material, and more.  Another main goal while in California was to get as much alone time with God as possible. We had come out of a very busy season in our lives, and being able to spend extra time alone with our Heavenly Father was definitely coveted.

As we head to Cape Town our plan is simple, see the Gospel of Jesus Christ put into action. We want Jesus to look at our lives and say, "The lives that they lived was worth the life that I gave." We will share the Gospel through healing the sick, visiting those who are in prison, playing with children, feeding the hungry, and more. Our hearts are to see people not just make a decision to get into heaven, but to experience a life transformation. Those who are ready to experience this life transformation will be discipled and taught to grow up into the fullness of the stature of Jesus Christ. We know of at least 2 ministries that we will be working with while in South Africa, Jireh-Seed and YWAM. We are sure that we will be connecting with other ministries during our time there as well.

We will be arriving in South Africa on or around February 1, 2017. To stay up to date with all that God will be doing in Cape Town and beyond be sure to subscribe to this monthly blog.

Blessings to you all!

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