Wow! It is hard to believe that we have been in California since early December 2016. We have been spending time with family and friends, rotating between Todd and Jen's families every couple of weeks. One fun adventure was joining Jen's aunt and uncle at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

During our stay in Northern California, we were able to reconnect with the Lighthouse Church in Santa Rosa, CA where we were married a little more than 9 years ago. They welcomed us with open arms and even commissioned us into our new adventure. We also had the privilege of being asked to teach at a healing training, preach during church services, and teach at a young adults group.

After coming out of such a busy season, we realized that it would be important for us to reconnect with God and develop that intimacy that we once had with Him. It is amazing that after being so busy that when we try to be still, that our minds constantly race. It has been a battle to be still and know that He is God, while closing out the last season of our lives and preparing for the new season.

Despite this battle, God has been faithful to speak to us. He has been faithful to continue to teach us about what we learned during our time in Texas. He has been helping us to separate out the good and throw out the bad. God is faithful to prune us so that we can produce more fruit and bring Him glory! We did enjoy some fruit in the last season, but to truly see Jesus receive the reward for his sufferings, we know that our lives will need to be centered around knowing Him and being known by Him.

When our lives are centered around knowing Him and being known by Him, fruit happens. For example, one day we were spending time with a friend at a local restaurant. There was only one other customer in the entire place. While we were in conversation, a woman walked in and sat down at table near us (she had a choice of sitting anywhere in the restaurant and chose to sit next to us). She engaged us in conversation and it did not take a whole lot of discernment to see that God had set this up. We were able to love the woman through counsel, prayer, and other means. She ended up not ordering anything and left the restaurant with a more upbeat countenance. That is life in the Kingdom of God!

We look forward to experiencing more fruit as we embark on our new journey with God in Cape Town, South Africa. We are scheduled to arrive in Cape Town this Wednesday, February 1. Please pray for safety in our travels, God appointed encounters, and rest. Blessings to you all!

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