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Ministry, Fun, and Prayer Oh My!

Manenberg Crusade/We are His Children Festival

April began with the crusade/outreach in Manenberg that we mentioned in last month's blog. This two-day event saw many children, teenagers, and adults from the local community come to experience the love of God. Multiple churches and ministries partnered to make this event happen. It was well-received by the community, and the local pastors commented that they had never seen God move like that in the community before. The crusade/outreach included games, face painting, live music, preaching, and more. Many received physical healing, made Jesus lord of their lives, and were greatly encouraged.

Our role was to man a booth for a ring toss game. One volunteer who observed from another booth commented that this looked to be one of the most popular games at the event. We could definitely feel it in our legs after a few hours of squatting to pick up rings. It really struck us that a game so simple was so popular with the children. While our bodies were sore for a few days following the event, it was worth it to be able to love on the children and see so many lives touched by the love of God.

Fun and Relaxation

The days following the crusade we took some time to do some of the tourist type things in the area. This included a hike on Lion's Head peak and a professional rugby match with our friends, the Millins. And, what a disappointment it would have been to come all of this way and not see the African Penguins. We were blessed to have one come out of the water to join us on the rock we were sitting while eating lunch.

Hospital Ministry

Hospital ministry with Jireh-seed continued each week. So many lives have been impacted by this ministry. One man could not move his left arm and was in a lot of pain. When asked about his relationship with Jesus, he replied, "It's off off." [No, that is not a typo :-)] After sharing the love of our heavenly Father through word and prayer, the man burst into tears as he was able to move his left arm without pain. He knew that he did not deserve this gift from God, but God gives according to what Jesus deserves for the price He paid. And that is what this gentleman received!

One night Jen and Hanre were ministering to people in the ladies' ward. They walked up to the bed of a woman who was in severe pain in the stomach area. The pain was so great that she was unable to sit up in the bed. As this woman was from Malawi and did not have any visitors, Jen and Hanre took some extra time to love on her and engage her in conversation. After prayer, much of the pain had left the woman, and only a small amount remained. Jen and Hanre made sure to visit the woman again before leaving the hospital that night. As they approached the bed, Jen commented, "It looks like they moved her. That is a different woman." But it wasn't a different woman. It was the same woman. There she was sitting up in the bed with a totally different countenance. All the pain had gone and she was feeling great! The Lord is so faithful to fulfill His word!

Prison Ministry

In addition to the hospital ministry, we joined a Jireh-seed team in ministering at a local prison. On one occasion, Chris Millin gave Todd the honor and privilege to share what was on his heart with the female prisoners. Many gave their lives to Jesus that day! In addition the team joined in during the ministry time to see people healed both physically and emotionally. Many also received the promise of our Father, Holy Spirit. It is moments like that when one asks, "Why would I want to do anything else?" God is so good!

Bloemfontein Prayer Gathering

One of the highlights of the month was being able to participate in the It's Time prayer event. Over 1,000,000 men, woman, and children gathered on a farm to repent for sins, commit to living for God, and pray for the nation of South Africa. It was absolutely amazing to see the Body of Christ come together in one accord in one place. This was definitely a life-changing event to many, and the beginning of good things to come in South Africa.

Testimonies of the fruit that has abounded since the prayer gathering have sprung forth. One of those testimonies involved the farm that hosted the event. The farmer who owned the farm had trouble finding water on the land. The Monday following the prayer gathering, water gushed out of the first hole drilled into ground. This is a great testimony to how unity in the Body of Christ can bring healing to the land!

Back to the States

Before we left for South Africa, someone prophesied into our lives regarding our time in South Africa. Part of that prophesy stated that the South Africa journey would be divided into two phases: a short phase, and a more long term phase. The short phase is now complete and we are in the States for a period of time. The time in the States will be used to connect with family and friends, spend more time in prayer, training others to minister in the streets, and more.   Our hearts are in South Africa, and we hope to be back on the ground there soon!

Prayer Points

  • Pray for rain for the Western Cape. Four days after the prayer event, the Western Cape received it's first good rain in a long time. More rain is still needed, so please keep up the prayers!
  • Pray for direction and timing for our return to South Africa. 
  • Whatever else God lays on your hearts!
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