Sharing at Our Home Church

They say that April showers bring May flowers. California received an abundance of rain this year and the May flowers are definitely in bloom. We have enjoyed seeing the roses in bloom in the gardens around town!

We have been in the United States for a little over one month. The first weekend in May we have the privilege of sharing about our first 3 months in South Africa. This occured at the Lighthouse Church in Santa Rosa, California, where we were married in almost 10 years ago! It was a blessed time and many were encouraged through the testimonies. God also showed His love for the people in the congregation by revealing physical conditions some of them were fighting. "What God reveals, He heals," as our friend Chris Millin says. These conditions were called out from the pulpit and God himself touched the people in the congregation. One mom came to us afterward to testify how God had removed the headache from her daughter when that condition was mentioned. No one had touched her. All glory goes to God, Who revealed Himself to that young girl in this special way.

Drive-thru Prayer

We have continued to remain involved with the Lighhouse during our stay in California. Todd has joined the senior pastor on a couple of occasions to pray. We also participated in an event hosted by the church called, "Drive-thru Prayer". During this monthly event the church opens up its parking lot for community members to drive thru and receive prayer. People who drove in for prayer were definitely blessed by the love shown to them through spiritual and emothional healing. When we were in town in January, Jen had prayed for a young girl during this event. We received word during our current visit that this young girl was healed and was able to return to school the following week. Praise Jesus!

Memorial Day Event

Memorial Day in the United States is a day where we remember those who died fighting on behalf of our nation. Some wars were better supported by public opinion than others, and unfortunately, those who fought in the less supported wars are often neglected in society. It was our privilege to attend a Memorial Day event in which Todd's dad, a Vietnam veteran, participated. On our way to the event Todd thought about all the people he could potentially pray for. God spoke to him, "The end of the command is love." Todd realized that the goal was not to pray and heal as many people as possible, but the goal was to love. While there were many people to talk to at the event, he spent time with one man. That man isi n his early 90s and is a veteran of two wars. Todd sat and listened to his stories and showed the man that he was valuable to him and to God. Paul tells us is 1Corinthians 14:1 that we are to pursue love and eagerly desire the spiritual gifts. We often get that backwards, pursuing the gifts first. Let us pursue love, and let us pick up and employ the use of the gifts along the way.

Journey to Our South Africa Return

As we mentioned in last month's blog, our South African journey was going to be divided into two phases, a short phase and a long phase. The short phase completed near the end of April, and we are seeking God's counsel as to when we should return. Our desire is to return sooner than later. In the meantime, we are working on a visa that, if approved, will allow us to stay in South Africa for a longer duration. We appreciate your prayers regarding all of this!

Prayer Points

  • Timing for our return to South Africa
  • Development of the plan and purpose for which God has called us to South Africa
  • Rain for the Western Cape Province of South Africa
  • The effects of what started at the 1,000,000+ person prayer gathering in Bloemfontein, South Africa would continue to ripple through the county
  • Whatever else God lays on your heart

Upcoming Events

Todd will have the privilege of delivering God's message to the Lighthouse Church on Sunday, June 11, 2017. We will attempt to livestream the message on Facebook, so check out Todd's Facebook page around 11am Pacific Standard Time on that day!

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