What God is Teaching Us

It has been 2 months since we returned to the United States from South Africa. Where has the time gone? God has been doing so much in our hearts and lives during our time in California. He is bringing us back to intimacy with Him, and how to live from that place. We are learning how to view people for who God has created them to be, rather than label them according to their actions and words. This can be a challenge because people say and do things that hurt us and frustrate us. But if we see others from God's perspective, then we can pray for and call out His plan and purposes for them. It is easy to focus on the bad fruit being produced in people's lives. However, the bad fruit is evidence of a bad tree. Jesus said that if we make the tree good then the fruit will be good (Matthew 12:33). If we can see people how God sees them, then we will be able to pray for them and minister to them from His heart. Every tree has the potential to produce good fruit if Jesus is made it's root!

Drive-Thru Prayer

We participated in the Drive-Thru Prayer event at our church again this month. The theme of the day seemed to be mothers desiring prayer for their wayward children. One mother who desired prayer for her wayward son was surprised when God communicated to a team member regarding pain in mother's knees. She consented for prayer regarding her knees and hurried off because she was late for an appointment. After the mother drove off, another team member spoke up regarding pain she had been struggling with in her right knee. She stated that at the moment the condition was spoken, all the pain left Who says that walking with God is not fun!!!

On that same day, one of the team leaders was approached by a father whose children were asking him questions about God and the Bible. The father, who was not a Christian, brought his children to this event to hear about this God that we believe in. It's not everyday this happens! Please keep this family in prayer as they continue their journey to experience the love of God that is found in Jesus Christ.

Preaching, Teaching, and Sharing

Four times during the month of June and once on the first Sunday in July we had the privilege of sharing at local churches. On two of these occasions we teamed up to share about our God-adventures in South Africa at the River of Joy Church in Petaluma. Todd had the privilege of sharing about being qualified in Christ and how to pray with confidence at our home church, the Lighthouse. We teamed up again to share with the Lighhouse young adults' group about identity in Christ. We had a great time doing this and from from what we have heard, people were blessed by what was shared. Glory to God!

Update Regarding Our South Africa Return

We are awaiting our FBI background checks, which are required for the visa for which we are applying. The background checks should arrive in the mail anytime within the next month. Other items, such physicals, need to be completed within a certain timeframe of the visa application. So, once we receive the background checks we will move to complete the remaining tasks.

Prayer Points

  • God would continue to draw us deeper into His heart and teach us to better manifest His heart to others
  • Opportunities to share God's love with people while in California
  • The visa process
  • Rain for the Western Cape
  • Whatever else God lays on your heart!
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