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December Happenings

December 2017 VLOG

Prayer points

  • For the survivors of the Santa Rosa fires, the families who have lost loved ones, and the efforts to rebuild
  • That the unity of the churches would grow strong during the fire relief efforts, and would continue long after the fire relief is complete.
  • Our brothers and sisters around the world who are being persecuted for their faith in Christ Jesus
  • For God's provision so we can complete the South Africa visa requirements
  • For favor with the South African consulate, and that we would receive approval for a 3 year visa.
  • Rain for the Western Cape of South Africa.  They have received some rain recently, but not near enough to deliver them from the extreme drought they have been in.
  • That we would fulfill everything that God has for us to do during our time in the United States.
  • Whatever God lays on your hearts!

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